Let’s talk about a timeout from the keyboard

Just to let the five or six people who read this blog know, I’m standing down for the remainder of the month.


Well, if the National Hockey League doesn’t have to explain the disappearance of players, neither do I. Let’s just say I’m “unfit to write,” which many have believed to be the case since 1970.

So we’ll see you in September.

Perhaps the Winnipeg Jets will still be in business by then. And, really, why wouldn’t they be?

After all, I just read in the Drab Slab that they have a saint for a coach. That’s right. Apparently, all those nasty things Paul Maurice said about Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk after Game 1 of their best-of-five Stanley Cup skirmish? It was naught but genius gamesmanship from the Jets bench jockey. “Classic” Maurice. Who knew he was a master of chicanery?

Actually, many of us recognized from the get-go that Coach Potty Mouth was yanking chains and blowing smoke, and we said/wrote that very thing without nominating him for sainthood simply because they managed to win Game 2. But it’s nice to see the Drab Slab clue in about the gamesmanship two days after the fact.

Anyway, enjoy the hockey playoffs if that’s your summertime thing.